Some of the best, new, awesome, software that we've found for Ubuntu or made compatible with Ubuntu will be included in Newbuntu releases.

Default SoftwareEdit

  • The GNOME desktop enviorment, although KDE and LXDE may be branched off sometime in the future. (Stable)
  • Docky, The finest dock no money can buy. (PPA)
  • Elementary Art, theme, icon theme, and wallpapers. (PPA)
  • GNOME-Colors, also with shiki-colors GTK themes, and shiki-colors' metacity window border.
  • MintMenu (PPA)
  • Mozilla Firefox with lib-notify addon
  • Chromium, The Webkit powered browser by Google. (Google Chrome is not included for copyright reasons, Chromium is practicly Google Chrome with no branding.)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Gwibber (PPA)
  • Empathy (PPA)
  • XChat
  • Transmission
  • Ubuntu Software Center and Synaptic Package Manager
  • Abiword, Gnumeric, and Google Docs with Prism
  • Banshee with Ubuntu One plugin (Unstable PPA)
  • Totem Movie Player
  • Pinta Image Editor
  • Scribes Text Editor
  • GNOME Do
  • Compiz Fusion with extra plugins
  • Ubuntu Tweak
  • GWrite
  • LBreakout2
  • Pingus
  • PyScrabble
  • Gimp
  • Filezilla
  • Gimp
  • Filezilla
  • Giver
  • Google Gadgets (GTK)
  • Rhythmbox
  • Cheese
  • Exaile
  • Linux MultiMedia Studio
  • PiTiVi
  • Deja Dup
  • Wine
  • BURG, an AWESOME Bootloader based off of GRUB

These packages will be included with every release, unless requested to be removed from the distribution by the author or another software is being requested by the majority of the community. Any feedback on core software needs to be said under the talk page. More software can be asked for in Talk:Wishlist.

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