Newbuntu Linux is my goal to try to make a perfect Ubuntu distribution, user-friendly, easy to use, smart, and for it to just work. It started out as an idea after realizing that Ubuntu, Debian, *cough*and most of their spin-offs*cough*, were just providing practically the same thing that the main distribution was providing. It's time for something to change. Most of the software in the current repositories are old, and contain old software. I figure that maybe it's time to have some new software.

I present to you, Newbuntu Linux.

So far, only I, hunterm, am the only one on the team. If you can develop, make graphics, maybe even think up some ideas, you could help with Newbuntu Linux. If you are interested in joining, please let me know on my talk page and we can work something out. Software creators, if your software is in Newbuntu, or will be in Newbuntu and you do not want it to be included, please contact me on my talk page also, and I will try to correspond as soon as possible. Also, if you discuss with me and then I hear nothing back after my reply, I will assume it is OK to include as an optional piece of software that will be with the More Software Installer (Please know that the More Software Installer does not contain the actual packages, it contains a script that uses apt-get to install them from a PPA or other repository.

-hunterm 15:59, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

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